Webinar: Security Best Practices for Office 365


Security Best Practices for Office 365

Join Michael Nelson (Security Architect at Tech Heads) and Matt Sosman(Security Architect at Microsoft) for this webinar to learn security best practices for Office 365, and how to protect your business from vulnerable cyber attacks.

Over the past year, everyone’s way of doing business has changed. With the pandemic, businesses had to quickly move their employees from working at the office to remote locations. This has introduced additional security risks to the business as corporate devices are operating in a less secure environment, devices accessing corporate data has drastically increased, and because the social engineering attacks has exploded.

In this webinar, we’ll help you harden your Microsoft office 365 environments. We map out the highest levels of controls and the best practices to be implemented along with developing an operational program for sustaining this environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Security best practices for Office 365
  • How to protect your data from being compromised
  • What you need to develop an operational program for sustaining this environment

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