Cybersecurity Policies

Protect your data and reduce risk with our 4-step cybersecurity policy creation process

We help create and update your information security policies mapped to the CIS framework.


Ensure the security of all your company-issued devices and information.

As cybersecurity threats continue to proliferate, it’s important for organizations to understand what best practice looks like when it comes to designing, implementing, and maintaining a robust security system.With over 25 years of experience providing cybersecurity solutions to the Pacific Northwest’s top companies, a deep technical bench of specialist consultants, and a variety of resources, we stand ready to help any organization.


We’ve developed a cybersecurity policies process framework that protects your data and eliminates risk.


Understand what’s important to your business.
We start with key stakeholders interviews to better understand the values of the business. Then, we gather foundational information on your business operations, competitors, market place, regulatory and legal compliance requirements & risk tolerance.
Identify critical data and the people who have access to it.
Once we understand what’s important to your business, we’ll document your existing business applications, tools, and systems. We’ll also audit your existing information security program to see how it’s being done and what problems are being solved.
Assess the current risk and existing policy.
At this stage, we start to identify threats to your information assets, systems, and process. We develop a unique understanding of where the threats have a high-potential to materialize.
Develop a cyber security policy that’s specific to your business objectives.
The final step in our process is to develop and create new policies, update existing ones, and then train your internal team. While working with you, we’ll continue to refine, review, and edit until there is adoption and alignment internally.

Cover all the cyber security bases.

When you work with the Tech Heads team, you get a custom-to-you cyber security policy that will help protect your businesses from scams, breaches, and hackers that target confidential and unreleased information.

Why businesses like yours choose Tech Heads

  • We combine a team of experienced cyber security pros, deep technical bench, and process to help businesses up their IT game.
  • We take a data-centered approach to cybersecurity.
  • Our focus on cybersecurity is backed by our 25+ year track record
    We have 26+ expert consultants that provide strong, broad IT expertise.