From Discovery and Planning to complete project management
and implementation, Our highly-skilled bench of engineers can
lead you on the path of total digital transformation.

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise class corporation, changes are inevitable. Changing staffing levels, new processes, and digital transformation all require new and different IT solutions. We’ll take the time to understand where your business is going.

Our expansive team of certified engineers have navigated these waters before. We’ll share our ideas and experience to help you derive the right approach to these needs. Our “tech heads” are ready to support your project at any or every phase; ready to show you consulting that’s out of this world.

Discovery & Planning

Truly understanding your existing infrastructure will point the way to the right solutions. Whether it’s planning a routine upgrade or a multi-million dollar project, the discovery process reveals how Tech Heads can provide you with the best plan to meet your goals.

Architecture & Design

We draw on experience to draft a complete solution and make accurate recommendations to ensure success. We utilize the latest technology, best practices and expertise to overcome a wide range of technological challenges. Our innovative solutions not only address the immediate needs, but are also designed to be robust enough to meet future demands.

Implementation, Installation & Integration

Once you’ve made the decision, we will make sure it’s done right. From our first scheduled visit to the last day of the project, and beyond, we strive to keep you up to date with current information and reduce the impact to your business by working around your schedule. Getting you from point A to point B can be a bumpy ride but with Tech Heads, you can be sure you will weather the storm.

IT Operations

Wishing for competent and affordable IT operations? Look no further than our IT Operations Team. Our team partners with you to handle the responsibilities that enable smooth functioning of the infrastructure and operational environments that deliver applications to your internal and external users. We’ll be here as you need us, and not only for the daily work. Tech Heads is your one-stop-shop for IT Operations and expert professional services.

Immediate Escalation Service

When more than a band aid is needed, Tech Heads is here for you. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call Tech Heads, you will always speak to a live person. After hours, our lines are transferred to a call center which will make sure your call is handled by our on-call staff.

Project Management

Whether it’s long term, short term, big or small, our project managers are available to help you coordinate your next project. We will help keep your project in scope, on time and ending with a successful outcome.
With our vast assortment of in-house capabilities, one call does it all. We have the staff to support you every step of the way. Call us at 503-639-8542.

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