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Cybersecurity is overwhelming in its complexity. But our suite of Co-Managed Security Services makes it simple.

55 % of SMBs were attacked last year

Over half of SMBs reported experiencing a cyberattack within the previous year according to Ponemon Institute. What is your defense strategy?

What is Managed Security?
Managed Security Services (MSS) are network security services outsourced to a service provider (like us!) Working with an MSSP allows your organization to focus on its core activities while remaining protected against rising network vulnerabilities. Many organizations are now shifting to Managed Security services from the traditional in-house IT security practices due to the many advantages of outsourcing this area of increasingly complex operations.
What are the advantages of Managed Security?
It’s hard enough to find IT security professionals for an in-house team, let alone pay for them. With an MSSP, you have a dedicated team of seasoned security experts that work for you at a fraction of the cost to build your security team in-house.

Security service providers have diverse, leading-edge tools and technologies that have been developed, integrated, and tested across a variety of customers.

Your IT teams can refocus from defense to offense, driving competitive advantage for your business.

Your data is valuable.

Personally Identifiable Information
Hackers steal personally identifiable information (PII) like names, addresses, and social security numbers to break into someone's accounts and exploit them. Businesses are particularly vulnerable because they handle and store huge amounts of this kind of data for both employees and customers.
Intellectual Property
Massive resources are allocated to developing or acquiring product designs, investment data, resource exploration data, and sensitive commercial data such as trade secrets, processes, contracts, and operational information – all stored as data on an organization's IT systems.

Is it adequately defended?


The cost of the average cyberattack to an SMB


of SMBs go out of business within 6 months after a cyberattack
(National Cyber Security Alliance)


We take a data-centered approach to cybersecurity.



Our security solutions are purpose-built to close the gaps in each domain.

THInc. Bootcamp™

Next-gen Cybersecurity Training

Tech Heads has partnered with KnowB4 to provide THInc. Bootcamp™ – web-based, on-demand, engaging training that addresses the needs of any size organization.

High production-value videos
5-, 15-, 25-, and 45-minute training modules
Lessons on spam, phishing, malware, ransomware and more
Metrics to measure improvement over time
THInc. Patrol™

SIEM & SOC as a Service

You don’t have the time or resources to build a Security Operations Center. And even if you did, it would generate more data than your team could keep up with. As a result, you have no one standing guard.

You need an intelligent, responsive monitoring solution.

That’s why Tech Heads has partnered with Arctic Wolf, a leading managed 24×7, US-based Security Operations Center, to provide Managed Detection and Response.

THInc. Protocol™

Customizable Cybersecurity Policy Modules

Pre-written Policies covering all 20 CIS Controls
Guidance in customizing policies for your business
Review of customized policies by cybersecurity expert
Action steps for implementing and communicating resulting policies company-wide

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Get your Cybersecurity Scorecard™

How does your business score across the 4 Data Protection Domains? Gain the clarity and direction you need to make measurable progress.


“The Scorecard provided a great framework to gauge our comprehensive security all at once. I am not a cybersecurity expert, so I didn’t have an easy way to definitively know we had addressed everything. At first all the recommendations felt overwhelming, but Tech Heads explained it as a journey. They used the results to help lay out a roadmap so we can set priorities over time.”

Ann Klein, President at Majoris Health

Their responsiveness to emergencies has been of immeasurable benefit and has made my job a lot less stressful.

Mike Bliss