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Managed Detection and Response

Every 39 seconds, a cybercriminal launches an attack. Is your business at risk? Get a Complimentary Dark Web Analysis.

THInc. Patrol™

A managed security service to monitor evolving cyber threats.

61% of data breaches target SMBs

Hackers bank on the sub-par defenses of SMBs. If you don’t have 24×7 eyes on your perimeter, you’re vulnerable.

You don’t have the time or resources to build a Security Operations Center. And even if you did, it would generate more data than your team could keep up with. As a result, you have no one standing guard.


That’s why Tech Heads has partnered with Arctic Wolf, a leading managed 24×7, US-based Security Operations Center, to provide Managed Detection and Response (SOC-as-a-Service).


THInc. Patrol™ goes beyond alerting to include full incident response.

Network Inspection
AI and machine learning delivers visibility, reduces complexity, and enables you to move at the speed of the threat.
Threat Detection & Hunting
Proactive hunting and remote forensic analysis create efficiency and scale in identifying threats.
Cloud Security Integration
360-degree visibility across your on-premises and cloud resources including public cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications and other security services
Endpoint Monitoring
Includes operational metrics, asset data, endpoint detection and response
Local Security Incident Response Team
Customer-dedicated primary point of contact to provide actionable security improvement and remediation recommendations
5 minute Response SLA
When threats strike, we provide immediate response

Ignorance is only bliss until you’re breached.

It’s time to go on Patrol.


Human Intelligence

We sort false alerts from those requiring action – creating a powerful hybrid approach to threat detection.

24/7 Security Response

Hacker don't stop. Neither should your response. We identify threats and escalate to local SIRT as needed and around the clock.

Advanced Tools

Our toolset leverages both artificial intelligence and machine learning to respond quickly to evolving threats.