Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services

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For Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security, & Windows Enterprise plans.

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Tech Heads is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider.

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Receive trusted support with escalation to Priority Microsoft Support when needed.

With the purchase of Microsoft Cloud services including Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows Enterprise and Microsoft 365 plans, your designated administrators gain access to Tech Heads enhanced technical support. Our Portland, Oregon based engineers with vast Microsoft certifications and experience are available 24/7/365.


Empower your business with seamless administrative support for your Microsoft Cloud environment, ensuring optimal performance and security at every step.
Swiftly resolve service disruptions and enhance performance in your Microsoft Cloud with our expert assistance, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
Empower your team with our intuitive self-service portal, seamlessly managing Microsoft Cloud licenses and users for enhanced efficiency and control.
Simplify your Microsoft Cloud financial management with our dedicated support, ensuring transparent billing and optimal subscription management for your business success.

Service Levels

Tech Heads Microsoft Cloud Support strengthens the support provided by Microsoft, giving you direct access to Tech Heads Level 1 and rapid escalations to our Level 2 engineers when necessary. Tech Heads Level 2 engineers have the ability to open priority tickets with Microsoft on your behalf. Tickets escalated to Priority Microsoft support services will be dictated by their current SLA. Find detailed service level descriptions below:

Priority Level
Customer situation
THInc. Level 1 Response
THInc. Level 1 Escalation
Microsoft Level 3 Priority Escalation


Critical business impact:
Customer’s business has
significant loss of services
Less than 1 hour 1 hour Business Plan: 1 hour
Enterprise Plan: 1 hour


High business impact:
Customer’s business has high
loss of services but work can
reasonably continue in an
impaired manner
Less than 8 hours 4 hours Business Plan: No commitment
Enterprise Plan: Next business day


Moderate business impact:
Customer’s business has
moderate loss of services but
work can reasonably continue
in an impaired manner
Less than 12 hours 1 business day Business Plan: No commitment
Enterprise Plan: Next business day


Low business impact:
Customer’s business is
functioning with minor or no
Less than 48 hours 2 business days Business Plan: No commitment
Enterprise Plan: Next business day


Don’t take our word for it.

"I am very impressed with the playbook Tech Heads has developed around securing Microsoft 365. I have not seen another Partner take such a thorough approach."
Security Architect at Microsoft

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Isn't Microsoft 365 securely configured by default?
No. Microsoft states that out of the box, newer tenants have the Security Defaults enabled that implement some but not all necessary and best-practice capabilities. They advise that these are a great start but shouldn't be the only configurations organizations should use. Organization-specific security controls and procedures should augment all out of the box configuration.
Doesn't Microsoft 365 provide data backups?
No. Apart from Sharepoint Online, Microsoft does not perform Office 365 backups. This is insufficient to protect your organization's data in the case of accidental or intentional deletion, or to quickly restore after a security incident.
We already get security alerts from Microsoft 365. Why do we need THInc. 365?
You may be receiving alerts from Microsoft 365, but who is receiving, analyzing, investigating and addressing each alert? While the vast majority of alerts will not indicate a security event, ALL alerts must be thoroughly addressed to protect against the small minority that do indicate a serious security event. In addition to monitoring, THInc. 365 also provides up-to-date security configurations and data backup.