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The IT Consulting Team you can count on in Portland.

Work with a team that works as hard to earn your trust as they do to protect your business from security threats.

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Discover how our Portland IT consulting can supercharge your business

Our Portland IT consulting experts bring strategic guidance and implementation to all kinds of IT projects. With 25 years experience designing and deploying digital transformations for some of Portland’s most innovative companies, we’re a partner you can trust. Work with us on your next project and unleash the potential of a supercharged IT infrastructure on your business.

What is an IT consulting company?
IT consulting companies help businesses level up their IT infrastructure. We’ll boost employee productivity, secure your systems against external threats, and create better experiences for your customers. Our consultants specialize in a variety of IT consulting practice areas, and focus on Portland IT consulting to midsized businesses. We’ve got a team of 26 consultants, who hold 86+ certifications, with key practice areas including cloud migration, networking, and cybersecurity.
Does my company need an IT consultant?
If you’re at the stage where your company has grown past a few employees, chances are you could benefit from talking to an IT consultant. Consultants ensure your IT infrastructure is set up for optimal success, and free you to focus on building your business. We’ll save you money, boost employee productivity, and prevent crises. For midsized companies, IT consultants help your IT department level up, giving you more horsepower, specialized knowledge, and an experienced partner for new initiatives.
What are the top IT consulting companies in Portland?
There’s no shortage of Portland IT Consultants, but it’s important to choose the right partner. At Tech Heads, we consult with more than 650 businesses in the Portland area, and we’ve been in business for more than 25 years. We’re passionate about building for the long-term, and we’ll work hard to earn your trust. Our consultants are available to partner with you on a variety of issues – from cybersecurity to choosing the right software for your business. Our team has expertise in a range of practice areas and can help with all types of IT issues.

We help our customers up their IT game.

25 +
Years in Business
has secured our trusted position in the Portland IT industry
650 +
have put their trust in us to build and maintain their networks
26 +
Expert Consultants
inform our processes and provide strong, broad IT expertise
30 +
are a testament to the breadth of skill and proficiency of our team

What does an IT consulting company do?

Great IT consulting companies transform your IT infrastructure into a competitive advantage. Whether that means streamlining your systems to increase productivity, creating better customer experiences, or protecting your business against cyber threats, we’re here to help.

Our consultants offer strategic guidance through all stages of IT infrastructure projects. By working with our IT consultants, you’ll get access to a deep bench of talent, a range of proprietary technologies, and the knowledge and experience you need to successfully implement game-changing IT initiatives.

How do I choose the right IT consulting company for my business?

It’s important to choose an IT consulting company you can trust. At Tech Heads, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies in the Portland area. Our team of consultants have experience and domain expertise across all kinds of IT disciplines, with over 85 certifications between them, and specialties in areas like cloud implementation and cybersecurity.

All this means we’ve got the chops to provide strategic advice and sound implementation for any IT project. We’ll partner closely with your business to deliver an IT consulting partnership that ensures you meet all your goals.


The IT Consulting Team you can count on in Portland.

Protect your business against external threats with the help of our team of IT experts.

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