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A Done-for-You Security Service for Microsoft 365.

24×7 Monitoring, Configuration and Backup of your Microsoft 365 tenant, so you and your team can work secure from anywhere.

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Tech Heads is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider.

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Many companies rushed to implement Microsoft 365 for remote workers amid the pandemic.

6XIncrease in threats related to remote workers

Microsoft 365 is the hub of cloud-based operations. How secure is your implementation?

What’s Changed?

Lack of security controls on managed endpoints
Increased number of potential devices to target
Increased use of cloud based apps and collaboration tools
Increased phishing and social engineering attacks

The Department of Homeland Security has advised businesses to prepare for new cybersecurity threats arising from remote working arrangements. Tech Heads is here to help.


Complex cyber threats require advanced cybersecurity.

Tech Heads worked with cybersecurity experts at Microsoft to develop and operationalize a playbook for securing Microsoft 365, including the following core activities:


We configure Microsoft 365 according to best practices, optimized for your environment, including Exchange Online protection, Defender for Microsoft 365, and Multi-factor authentication.
We backup the entire Microsoft 365 environment to protect data from accidental deletion, corruption, or from being held hostage by ransomware.
We identify threats and escalate to a dedicated security operations team for mitigation and remediation to ensure you are resilient to attacks.



As a central hub of operations, Microsoft 365 contains sensitive and valuable data.


Protect your users against brute force attacks and social engineering.


Ensure every device, even those used by remote employees is securely configured.


Verify mail senders and protect from spam, fraud, and phishing attacks.

Don’t take our word for it.

"I am very impressed with the playbook Tech Heads has developed around securing Microsoft 365. I have not seen another Partner take such a thorough approach."
Security Architect at Microsoft

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Isn't Microsoft 365 securely configured by default?
No. Microsoft states that out of the box, newer tenants have the Security Defaults enabled that implement some but not all necessary and best-practice capabilities. They advise that these are a great start but shouldn't be the only configurations organizations should use. Organization-specific security controls and procedures should augment all out of the box configuration.
Doesn't Microsoft 365 provide data backups?
No. Apart from Sharepoint Online, Microsoft does not perform Office 365 backups. This is insufficient to protect your organization's data in the case of accidental or intentional deletion, or to quickly restore after a security incident.
We already get security alerts from Microsoft 365. Why do we need THInc. 365?
You may be receiving alerts from Microsoft 365, but who is receiving, analyzing, investigating and addressing each alert? While the vast majority of alerts will not indicate a security event, ALL alerts must be thoroughly addressed to protect against the small minority that do indicate a serious security event. In addition to monitoring, THInc. 365 also provides up-to-date security configurations and data backup.