Microsoft 365 Action Plan


4 Key Practices to Secure Your Remote Workforce on Office 365

85% of Companies Breached

According to the software company Egress, 85% of organizations using Microsoft 365 have experienced an email data breach.

Learn the 4 things you must do to protect your organization now.



What has changed?

3 Words: Work from Home

Increased Number of Devices
Workers are taking company devices home and sometimes even using their own. This means an increase in the potential number of devices hackers can target for valuable company data.
Home Network Vulnerability
Because most home networks and devices are less secure, cyber threats have proliferated.
Increased Use of Conferencing Tools
Hackers are also exploiting the increased use of online conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team, and Slack.
Increased Phishing Activity
And finally, there is increased phishing activity exploiting COVID-19 panic – with employees clicking on promises of critical news and updates related to the pandemic.

“I am very impressed with the playbook Tech Heads has developed around securing Microsoft 365. I have not seen another VAR take such a thorough approach.”


Security Architect at Microsoft


Isn't Microsoft 365 securely configured by default?
No. Microsoft states that out of the box, newer tenants have the Security Defaults enabled that implement some but not all necessary and best-practice capabilities. They advise that these are a great start but shouldn't be the only configurations organizations should use. Organization-specific security controls and procedures should augment all out of the box configuration.
Doesn't Microsoft 365 provide data backups?
No. Apart from Sharepoint Online, Microsoft does not perform Office 365 backups. This is insufficient to protect your organization's data in the case of accidental or intentional deletion, or to quickly restore after a security incident.
We already get security alerts from Microsoft 365. Why do we need THInc. 365?
You may be receiving alerts from Microsoft 365, but who is receiving, analyzing, investigating and addressing each alert? While the vast majority of alerts will not indicate a security event, ALL alerts must be thoroughly addressed to protect against the small minority that do indicate a serious security event. In addition to monitoring, THInc. 365 also provides up-to-date security configurations and data backup.

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