When looking for reliable IT solutions, there are no one size fits all solutions
for our clients. You can expect our consultants to be your thought partners. We’ll share
our ideas and experience to help you derive the right approach to your needs.

Tech Heads provides a highly consultative approach to supporting the needs of our clients. Whether it’s upgrading or deploying new infrastructure, implementing new applications, securing your infrastructure, assisting in a move from on-prem to the cloud, or providing fully managed services and security, our team of 28 (and growing) highly experienced technical staff members provide the expertise to ensure our customers reach their stated business objectives through the implementation and management of technology.


Support the the evolution of your business and migrate to the cloud. Whether you want to move it all at once or build a hybrid system of on-premises and cloud, we can develop the cloud solution that’s right for you. Our certified experts in Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and AWS have the right skills to elevate your business

Data Center

The data center is the heart of your business and Tech Heads team of talented engineering resources will help you architect, implement, manage and optimize your data center to ensure that these critical assets are providing the utmost in efficiency and security, while delivering on the outcomes you identify as the most important to your business.


Tech Heads offers advanced cybersecurity services aimed at protecting your most valuable asset – your data. Our certified consultants leverage proprietary assessments which determine your initial security posture, and we can then deliver a suite of products and services designed to increase the maturity of your cybersecurity posture.


The speed of business is increasing at a rapid pace and your network is critical to providing end-users, customers and your organization with the critical delivery of applications and data with incredible speed and agility. Let Tech Heads help with the assessment, design and implementation of your networking technologies to keep your organization from being outpaced by your competition.

Disaster Recovery

Between hardware failure, natural disasters and threats like ransomware, are you prepared to lose everything? The continued operation of technical infrastructure is critical to the success of any business. Tech Heads can help you identify possible failures that might arise and mitigate these risks with the latest technology available. ​Before disaster strikes, let Tech Heads help you make sure your recovery strategy is appropriate and comprehensive.
With our vast assortment of in-house capabilities, one call does it all. We have the staff to support you every step of the way. Call us at 503-639-8542.

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