Risk Impact Report

Risk Impact Report

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60% of cyberattacks easily prevented

60% of attacks are due to vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied. Is your system vulnerable?

Don’t stop short. When it comes to network security, most SMBs stop at patch management and antivirus software. Little do they know they also need to check configurations, known issues in third-party applications, as well as potentially troublesome hardware which in their default configuration can be harmful to the network’s security. These processes make up a vulnerability assessment, ideally performed regularly.


Automated vulnerability scans continually identify and prioritize critical system gaps.

04 step cycle

What are potential threats?

Unnecessary open shares
Unnecessary open ports
Unused user accounts
Rogue devices
Dangerous script configurations
Servers allowing dangerous protocols
Potentially dangerous services
Default passwords
Incorrect permissions on system files

You can’t fix
what you can’t see.

Get prioritized recommendations for remediation based on an automated scan of your systems.