Case Study: The Right MSP for a Security-Focused Client

Success Story

Case Study: The Right MSP for a Security-Focused Client

About the Solution

A business communications company was referred to Tech Heads by an IT Consultant after experiencing a security incident and receiving lackluster response from their existing Managed Service Provider. This MSP, like many others, primarily focused on support and maintenance, providing minimal guidance in the aftermath of the security incident. 

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The business already had an existing relationship with Tech Heads, working with the Pro Services team to procure hardware and software for their business. Aware of Tech Heads’ reputation for security, their newly hired IT Director, tasked with recovering from the security incident and tightening up standards, drafted in Tech Heads for support. 

Tech Heads made a series of recommendations outlining suggested improvements to the business’ IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and providing strategic recommendations to strengthen the business against future attacks. During this process, the business’ general dissatisfaction with their current MSP became very specific. It was clear that working with Tech Heads offered the business a better approach to preventing future incidents. 

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Tech Heads: Expertise Anchored in Security

THInc. Ops, our MSP solution at Tech Heads, is purpose-built to meet industry standard cybersecurity controls. This was particularly important to this business, who was eager to harden their IT infrastructure to protect against future breaches.  

Because security is a core element of their business, their IT Director was keen to understand the principles that underscored the THInc. Ops approach. Our team spent a significant amount of time detailing the security policies our framework is built on and outlining the rationale for each.  

Unlike other MSP solutions, THInc. Ops comes with some entry requirements. At Tech Heads, we require all THInc. Ops clients to meet certain standards. Many clients invest in upgrading outdated hardware or system architecture before joining THInc. Ops. Without this, it’s impossible to provide the level of security and performance that our team strives for. 

Overcoming Roadblocks

The client’s IT Director knew that THInc. Ops’ focus on security would prove invaluable for his business, but the relationship faced one key challenge: securing buy-in from the firm’s executive leadership team. 

The firm’s previous MSP had been significantly less expensive than Tech Heads. While the security event had made the business more security-aware, their leadership did not fully understand the true cost of building a security program in-house. 

The comprehensive nature of the services provided by Tech Heads was key to securing the C-Suite’s support. The security-first design of THInc. Ops proved invaluable, helping the business understand that Tech Heads could help them meet their SOC 2 requirements proactively, ensuring an efficient audit process. 

Also important was the expertise of the Tech Heads team. At Tech Heads, no managed service task is outsourced; every aspect of our service is managed in-house. With a deep bench of experts with wide-ranging specialties, plus an IT consulting arm, the business understood that Tech Heads provided all the IT support their business required. 

Reframing the conversation around the different forms of value that Tech Heads offered was key to the IT team securing executive support. The business understands that price isn’t what defines an MSP, but rather the total value provided through the relationship. 

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The Outcome

Today, this client continues to rely on Tech Heads’ ThInc. Ops  service and the relationship between the two companies continues to go from strength to strength. 

This was highlighted by their recent SOC 2 audit. Contrasting their most recent SOC 2 audit report to previous reports completed with their former MSP, underscored the significant progress the business has made in strengthening their IT infrastructure through their partnership with Tech Heads. 

The partnership between us and our client continues to flourish. Previously existing security issues have now been remedied and the relationship is now centered around higher-level IT strategy conversations that help move the business forward. 

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This story is far from unique – in fact, it’s common among our clients at Tech Heads. Many businesses, even if they’re yet to realize it, are receiving sub-par service from their existing MSPs. 

Businesses need to consider the broader picture of their IT strategy. MSPs shouldn’t just provide support with the day-to-day operations of your business; they should actively support you in building a better future. It’s an investment in the future of your firm that will pay dividends for years to come, protecting your firm against attacks today and building competitive advantages for tomorrow.

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