About Us
Tech Heads Incorporated is a computer consulting company located in Portland, Oregon with a highly trained and certified technical staff. Tech Heads works with companies of all sizes, from small companies with a few workstations to large companies with over a thousand workstations, multiple-sites, multiple-server networks and mobile employees. Our company offers industry standard and innovative solutions to a wide range of technological problems. We have been in business since 1995 providing IT consulting, planning, design, implementation, maintenance, training and repair and have a solid reputation in the market. From simple workstation repairs to server virtualization to programming, Tech Heads can assist you with all your computer needs.

 What Sets Tech Heads Apart?
Fast response times
Always reachable 24/7
Expertise with multiple levels of consultants who are highly trained
Experience from a company who has successfully been around for many years
Consulting only, we don’t carry hardware and software inventory with markups,     instead we work with leading equipment vendors
 Our Mission
Tech Heads is dedicated to becoming a worldwide industry leader in computer consulting by offering clients innovative solutions and highly trained technical experts.

 Our Philosophy
Tech Heads is a true consulting firm that believes in providing only consulting services. We will either work with your current vendors or put you in contact with one of our industry leading equipment partners. We believe in working with our clients as a team to provide solutions. Communication is key to success in today's business environment.

Tech Heads is ready to provide your company with computer support services that are both high quality and cost effective. Let us help you take advantage of what modern computer technology has to offer your company and rest easier knowing that you have the experience and expertise of Tech Heads behind you.

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