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THInc Secure™

Our proprietary solution for essential cybersecurity tactics focuses on the five activities that are most critical to your security posture. This methodology takes command over the risks that threaten the information, systems and networks that support your business.


Map data types & locations

Determine data access levels

Create policies & procedures


Establish access controls

Vulnerability management

Establish data loss prevention plan


Install & configure anti-malware

Discover security events

Retain logs


Develop a response plan

Test backup systems

Analyze behavior & root cause


Develop contingency plans

Implement 3-2-1-0 back-up

THInc Secure enhances your security posture to help mitigate today’s risks.

NIST SMB Cybersecurity Fundamentals

ARMOR™ + SHIELD™ are designed to work together to help your organization meet the full set of practices recommended by NIST for small and mid-sized businesses. Review NISTIR 7621 recommendations below:


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Want to learn more about ARMOR & SHIELD? Download the datasheet.