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Password Management

Your business has always taken security seriously and been mindful of protecting your data. You've invested in firewalls, anti-virus programs, spam filtering, and backup/disaster recovery tools. But when is the last time you considered the first line of defense beyond all these security measures? Passwords are used to protect your systems, data, and online accounts. However, the difficulty of remembering strong passwords often discourages people from creating them.

Our Password Management as a Service offering, powered by Passportal’s Ocular platform, makes it simple for you to use strong passwords while delivering the following benefits:

  • Full time trace auditing on all interactions with passwords. Run audits and reports to see who’s had access to passwords

  • Securely share access to passwords with Tech Heads and employees alike, all without sending the password over plain text email or SMS

  • Have unique passwords for each system, rather than using the same password everywhere (if one system is hacked, all your systems are exposed)

  • Control over company data and who has access to that data

  • Chrome browser integration. Login to most sites with a click of a button. More browser integrations are on the way

  • Compounded encryption process using AES-256 and multiple SHA-256 hash keys on a randomized basis to make sure your data is kept safe

  • Immediate lockout of former employees across all systems (since they never memorize the complex passwords, and likely never see them)

  • Windows user self-service password resets via SMS with the Blink license